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DRIFTing is a form of motorsport in which oversteer is used to make the car slide or "drift". It originally became popular on the winding backroads of Japan. See DRIFTing (motorsport).




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Follow autoDRIFTer on FuelTopia - HOME of FREE DRIFTing Videos, DRIFTing Pictures & Import Model Photos! Also featuring car articles, DRIFTing Events, FormulaD & D1GP Picture Photos, and much more! Drifting has evolved into a competitive sport where drivers compete in rear-wheel drive cars to keep their cars sideways for as long as possible. At the top levels of competition, especially the Option-run D1 Grand Prix in Japan and the US, drivers are able to keep their cars sliding for extended periods of time, often through several turns. Drifting competitions are judged based not on the time it takes to complete a course, but how much slip angle a driver can get, how long they hold it, and how close they stay to the racing line, or to the wall. Final rounds of competition often include tandem fast drift runs nicknamed "tsuiso" in Japanese, where one car follows another through the course, attempting to keep up with or even pass the car in front. In the tsuiso rounds, it doesn't matter if the racing line is wrong, it matters who can have the most exciting drift. A car does not even have to keep up, and in fact in some cases a car that was left behind on the straight produced a beautiful drift, winning him that round. A spin, understeer, or collision results in a disqualification of the offending party.

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